3 Benefits of a Legless Coffee Table

Posted on: 8 September 2021

When you picture a conventional coffee table in the center of your living room, there's a good chance that you think of a structure that has four legs. While these coffee tables are common, shopping at a furniture retailer that carries a broad selection of items should expose you to other coffee table designs, too. One idea that may excite you is a legless coffee table. As its name indicates, this is a piece of furniture that doesn't have legs like a traditional coffee table. Instead, a legless coffee table is often solid—in some cases, it simply looks like a large rectangular-shaped cube. Here are some benefits of a legless coffee table.

Less of a Trip Hazard

It's relatively easy to catch your foot on the leg of a conventional coffee table, especially if you're hurrying across your living room and you aren't looking where you're going. Such an occurrence can hurt, especially if you're moving quickly, but there's also a risk that you could trip and fall. Household falls can often be serious, so many people favor buying furniture that is unlikely to lead to such incidents. A legless coffee table can be a good choice because it doesn't have individual legs on which you could catch one of your feet.

Easier to Clean Around

When you have a coffee table with four legs, vacuuming around it can be somewhat of a challenge. You'll need to push the vacuum between the legs and move it around beneath the coffee table to ensure that the floor in this area is just as clean as the floor elsewhere in the room. You'll have to be careful while doing so, as accidentally banging a leg with the head of the vacuum could cause a chip or a dent in the leg. Another big advantage of choosing a legless coffee table is that it's much easier to vacuum around. You can simply push the vacuum along each side of this piece of furniture, rather than have to contend with four legs.

Sturdier For Sitting On

While most coffee tables aren't technically designed for people to sit on, the reality is that some people will occasionally do so. You might worry about guests sitting on a coffee table that has four legs, as they could potentially cause it to tip a little depending on how they sit down or stand back up. A legless coffee table is considerably sturdier because it's resting on a large base instead of four legs, so you don't have to worry about such issues. Visit a furniture store to look at its selection of legless coffee tables and other living room furniture.