Consider Adding A Media Safe To Your Home

Posted on: 13 September 2021

When you visit a retailer that carries a wide range of safes, one thing that may excite you is how many different options there are. While you may have a need for a large safe that can easily hold a significant array of your possessions, another option to consider is a media safe. Sometimes also known as data safes, these safes are designed to hold electronic items that are valuable to you. Here are some things that you should know about buying and using a media safe.

What To Store

While there are no firm rules about what you place in a media safe, a lot of people use these safes for computer-related things. For example, if you have valuable photos on your computer that you don't ever want to lose, you might copy them to a USB drive and store the drive inside of the media safe. Similarly, if you have CDs or DVDs of old tax returns or other important financial documents, you may wish to keep these devices in your media safe. Many people also place portable hard drives in their media safes, especially when these drives hold either important personal information or files that have sentimental value.


Media safes come in several different sizes, but you'll generally find that they're smaller than other safes. While you'll need a larger safe if you wish to store one or more firearms and a large quantity of jewelry, a media safe is the perfect size for USB drives, portable hard drives, and other computer-related devices. Given how much data you can store on a USB drive or portable hard drive, you can probably back up everything you need on these devices and have plenty of room for them in even a small media safe.

Where To Keep It

While some people go to considerable effort to hide a safe in their home, this isn't necessarily something that you need to do with a media safe. One approach is to keep this safe in an accessible area so that you can empty its contents or even take the entire safe with you in the event that you need to leave your home quickly. For example, if there's a natural disaster that is threatening your home, you may want to keep your media safe in an area where it will be easy to access so that you can retrieve your items before you leave the residence.