How To Make Your Double Throne Chairs Match The Rest Of Your Home

Posted on: 14 September 2021

Double throne chairs add a unique appeal to your home, but they are classic in design and can really become a conversation piece when mixed with your other furnishings. If you're lucky enough to get your hands on a few double throne chairs, knowing how to design around them is key to truly enjoying them.

Here's a guide to help make your double throne chairs match the rest of your home. Your furniture specialist can help you measure your double throne chairs so you know where they'll fit in your home best.

Choose double throne chairs for sale that fit your color scheme

If you don't want to make the rest of your home fit in with your double throne chairs, make your double throne chairs fit in with the rest of your home. Do this by choosing chairs that already match the current color scheme of your home, or choose a chair in a neutral color so your furnishings easily blend in without you having to do much else. Trying to match a color exactly can be difficult, so choose a color of double throne chair that is similar to or in the same color spectrum as existing furniture in your home, such as choosing a blue-gray chair to match your navy furnishings.

Add a modern twist to your double throne chairs

Making your double throne chairs fit in with existing furnishings can be done by adding modern twists to these iconic pieces. Do so by adding a comfortable throw to the chairs in a fleece or jersey knit pattern, like chevron or boho stripes. Or take a classic double throne chair and make it stand out by adding a floral cushion or a few cushions that don't quite match in pattern. This way, your double throne chair pieces will stand out in great ways because they are both classic and elegant and modern and fun.

Add a few other classic pieces to the mix

If you want your double throne chairs to just stand out as they do already, the best thing to do is take all the other pieces in your home that are vintage, antique, or uniquely designed and place these items near the throne chairs. This makes your charming chairs stand out even more without making them appear unnaturally placed in the room.

These types of chairs are great to have in any room of the house. You can put double throne chairs in your living room, study, library, home office, or in other areas where this type of seating seems fit.