The Basics Of Caring For Your Upholstery

Posted on: 21 September 2021

Upholstery is a big part of the comfort and appearance of your pieces of furniture. However, upholstery will need to be effectively maintained if the furniture is to remain comfortable and attractive.

Protect the Furniture Upholstery From Pets

Pets can be extremely hard on upholstery. Their claws can easily puncture and rip the upholstery. Furthermore, their shedding can lead to fur getting intertwined with the fibers of the upholstery. If you have pets that you allow to get on the furniture, you may want to invest in a protective covering that is designed to shield the upholstery from your pets. These covers will be made of a thick material that will be able to resist being punctured by their claws. The use of these covers can allow you to ensure that your upholstery will be in good condition when you have guests visiting your home as they can be easily removed until the guests leave.

Steam Clean Upholstery Every Year

Steam cleaning your upholstered furniture is another important step for keeping it in good condition. Over time, dust, dirt, and other materials will be able to get deep into the fibers of the upholstery. As a result, it may contribute to the upholstery becoming discolored or even developing foul odors. Steaming cleaning your upholstery on a yearly basis can eliminate these materials from it without damaging the upholstery. When steam cleaning the upholstery, you should place it in a well-ventilated area after you are done so that any residual moisture is able to rapidly dry.

Repair Fraying Or Rips As Soon As You Notice Them

At some point, you may notice that the upholstery is starting to developing fraying or it may even have small rips in it. Whenever you notice damage to the fabric of the upholstery, it should be patched as quickly as possible. This damage can represent very weak areas that may lead to the problem worsening rapidly if the upholstery is used regularly. Keeping an upholstery patching kit in your home can allow you to quickly repair these issues as soon as they start to develop. When assembling this repair kit, it can be useful to have threading or patches that are the various colors of your different pieces of upholstered furniture. This can allow you to keep any necessary repairs as discrete as possible. In situations where the fraying or rips are extensive, reupholstering the furniture may be the most effective option for restoring its appearance.

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