3 Things To Consider When Investing In Vintage Props For Your Upcoming Movie

Posted on: 25 October 2021

Whether you are planning to shoot an independent film to release on a social media site or you are creating a blockbuster movie that ends up in the theaters, you need quality props to use in your scenes. Vintage props can help set the scene, even in movies that focus on current or future times. Here are a few things that should be considered when choosing vintage props to invest in for your upcoming movie:

Can They Be Safely Customized or Changed?

One important thing to think about when choosing vintage props to invest in is whether each piece can be customized or changed. You may find a beautiful vintage lamp that features the colors and shapes you want to display in your movie, but the shade is too dated or damaged. In this case, you should be able to have the material on the lamp shade replaced without worrying about whether the shade is durable enough to handle it.

An old chair should be made of wood that you can find in production today in case you need to repair it or replace a leg at some point while making your movie. Maybe you find a vintage couch that would be perfect for your movie if it were covered in a different material – you should be able to cover the couch in new material without it falling apart.

Do They Require Special Handling of Any Kind?

Another thing to consider before buying any vintage movie props is whether they will require any special handling. Depending on exactly how old a vintage prop is and how it has been cared for since it was created, the prop may be extremely brittle or susceptible to damage in some way.

If your prop ends up damaged by the time it gets to the movie set, it may end up in the garbage, and you'll be without an important prop by the time all is said and done. If any props you consider buying do require special handling or storing, make sure you understand the requirements and prepare to meet those requirements before picking the props up from the dealer for the first time.

Can Replicas Be Easily Made?

What if you are using a vintage prop in a scene and it gets damaged while filming? You can always do the entire scene over again without the prop in place, which may have a negative on the overall look and feel of the scene. Alternatively, you can see if a specialist is able to repair the piece. If that is not possible due to a lack of vintage parts or other reasons, you may be able to hire someone to replicate the piece. However, you shouldn't assume that making a replica will be easy. Reach out to designers to find out about possible replication options before buying a specific prop.

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