Can You Fit a Sectional in a Small Space?

Posted on: 14 April 2022

There are many reasons for wanting a sectional in your home. These couches offer laid-back seating arrangements, versatility, and high-seating capacities. If you frequently entertain guests or have a large family, a sectional couch is an obvious choice for your primary living space. 

Some sectionals may come across as bulky, making them a harder sale. The good news is that you don't need to let your limited space stop you from buying one of these excellent pieces of furniture. However, you need to consider your room when choosing your new couch. These three tips will help you select and purchase a sectional for a living room of nearly any size or shape.

1. Measure Twice, Fit Once

When dealing with a small space, getting accurate measurements is crucial. You have some overhead in larger rooms, but misjudging an angle in a small living room can mean that your new couch won't physically fit into the room. Take careful measurements of your walls and doors. If your room has an unusual shape, measure any alcoves, corners, or other unique areas.

These measures will help you decide where you can fit your new couch, but they'll also let you determine if you'll be able to get the couch through the door. Furniture delivery services usually have minimum dimensional requirements for doors and corners, so measuring everything will let you confirm that there won't be any delivery or fitment issues.

2. Limit Other Furniture Choices

Remember that seating capacity is one of the primary advantages of choosing a sectional. If you're buying one of these couches, you'll have plenty of available seating space for your friends and family without bringing too much extra furniture into the room. Limiting your other furniture choices will help make your couch the centerpiece while also ensuring that the room remains open and spacious.

You may also want to consider furniture choices that help accentuate your couch and add to its functionality. For example, end tables and sofa tables can add extra storage without too much clutter. Coffee tables that double as ottomans are another creative way to get the most out of your couch's support furniture.

3. Consider Low-Profile Options

Sometimes making the most of a small space is all about perception. A low-profile sectional with a lower back can appear smaller, even if its footprint is the same as a high-profile couch. These lower couches will help your living area feel more open, and they can also work well if you need to place the couch against a wall with several windows.

Ultimately, fitting a sectional into a smaller space is easier than it might seem at first glance. With creativity and careful planning, you can get the perfect couch to fill out your room.