Chair Mats: What They Can Offer You

Posted on: 27 May 2022

Chair mats are flat mats made of plastic or other hard materials. These mats are used on various types of floors to help in different ways, ranging from improved desk chair functionality to flooring protection. These mats also have shapes that allow them to fit at desks and workstations of many shapes and sizes. You can learn more about chair mats below.

Chair mats make it easier for you to move about the work area

Chairs have wheels to help you move from one section of your work area to another with ease. However, when you have certain types of flooring, this can impede that movement. Carpet can make it difficult for the chair to roll from one place to another because the chair wheels will sink into the carpet, or the carpet will bunch up just enough in front of the wheels to stop them. Another problematic type of flooring is tile and grout flooring, where the tile is spaced far enough apart for the wheels to get caught up in them. With a chair mat, these types of things won't be an issue, because the mat will provide you with a smooth and flat surface to freely move over. 

Chair mats can prevent some accidents

When you have flooring where the wheels can get caught up, you will be at an increased risk of falling from the chair. When you are in motion, and the chair suddenly stops, it can tip over. You can fall from the chair and end up being injured in the process. If you have an office with staff, then you also want to prevent them from being injured in the workplace, so it is a good idea for you to make sure that all the workstations have their own chair mats. 

Chair mats protect the flooring

When you use chair mats, they can also help you to protect the flooring from damage. The types of damage that can happen to the flooring without the mats will depend on the type of flooring you have. Carpet flooring can be protected from indentations, wood flooring can be protected from scratches and scuffs, and tile flooring can be protected from chipping and other types of damage. 


Now you have a better understanding of the importance of chair mats, so you will likely want to be sure you get some for your desk and workplace areas in your home and/or office.