Why Platform Beds Make Sense In A Hotel

Posted on: 17 August 2023

Of all the pieces of furniture that you buy for your hotel, it's easy to make the argument that nothing is more important than the beds. This is the furniture that a guest will use the most during their stay. There are lots of factors to consider when you browse the various bed designs at a hotel furniture supplier. One bed frame type that can offer a lot of advantages is a platform bed. This bed typically has a solid base, making it look different than a bed that has four legs. In your hotel, here are some reasons that platform beds make sense.

Faster Housekeeping

You want your housekeepers to do a thorough job cleaning each guest room but also work quickly so that they can get to their next task. When a bed sits high off the floor on four legs, the housekeeper will need to vacuum beneath it. This is a job that adds to the time that the housekeeper spends in the room. When you think about how many guest rooms each of your housekeepers cleans during a shift, the time spent vacuuming beneath beds can add up. When you choose platform beds, there's no need to clean beneath them. This will speed up the housekeeper's work.

Less Risk Of A Mess

If you were to have beds that have four legs and are open below, it's possible that your housekeepers might occasionally miss vacuuming up hair, lint, and other debris. Some hotel guests are always on the lookout for cleanliness issues in their room. A guest may look under the bed, notice some hair or lint, and either complain to the front desk or leave a negative review online. Platform beds lower the risk of any type of mess being visible beneath the bed, which should help to avoid these issues.

Solid Feel

If you've ever slept on a platform bed, you'll have likely noticed that it offers a solid feel that can make for a good night's sleep. Some beds that have four legs can feel less solid over time, sometimes causing the bed to creak or even shift when the person moves in bed. In a hotel, it's important for your guests to sleep well. If the beds don't support a good night's sleep, some guests may post online reviews that critique the beds. The solid feel of platform beds is unlikely to lead to any such reviews.

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